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Evangeline has been a Research Scientist at Emory University for the past 10 years. Her scientific research span from screening newborns for abnormal hemoglobin during her tenure at the Ohio Department of Health to research on the role of the influenza virus hemagglutinin glycoprotein during host cell entry, at Emory University.

She brings to our school her passion for science and her love for teaching. She earned her B.S. In Biology/Microbiology from The Ohio State University and an M.S in Education Instruction from Central Michigan University.

Evangeline’s love for science was nurtured as an inquisitive child who was always curious about how things worked and the love of nature. She brings that same curiosity to our students where she cultivates their understanding of how things work and the natural world.

Her main goal at Science Akadémeia is to prepare a new generation for the century ahead by implementing the research-based, Seeds of STEM curriculum into our customized science education framework that is developmentally appropriate, fun, and exciting in a happy and nurturing environment.

Evangeline Ricks Agbogu


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