"Once a child has been shown what the natural world is, it will live with them forever" -Sir David Attenborough


"We look as science as something very elite, which few people can learn. That's just not true. You just have to start early and give kids a foundation. Kids live up or down to expectations." -Mae Jemison


"Play stimulates the parts of the brain involved in both careful logical reasoning and unbound exploration."-Greg McKeown

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Science Akadémeia

Science Akadémeia, the Atlanta Preschool of Science (SATAPOS) is a full-day, year-round program for children ages 2 years to 6 years and after school care for elementary to middle-schoolers. We are the community STEM hub where your budding scientist can do summer camps where we offer multiple STEM activities including but not limited to coding, robotics, tutorials, science experiments for elementary to middle-schoolers.

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Why STEM learning in Preschool?

According to the Children’s Learning Research Collaborative at The Ohio State University, “Mathematics and science learning is critical during the early childhood years,and has long-term associations with school readiness and continued academic achievement.” “Contrary to past thoughts, recent investigations show that preschoolers are capable and eager to learn.

Mathematics and science concepts, serving as an important precursor for later academic achievements. Young children are curious about the world and ask questions, and talk about both science and mathematics before they enter school.

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Science Akadémeia, The Atlanta Preschool of Science has a Director who is also a Scientist and a Science advisory board who keeps us current on important topics assuring a dynamic curriculum. Our teachers are well trained to teach our unique curriculum in fun and exciting ways.

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Our school environment is designed to stimulate our students even before they reach their classrooms. We have multiple activity walls where they can design structures with Legos, design structural pathways using Science Kinetics’ Ball run and a mathematics wall to create patterns using shapes and numbers. Our outdoor STEM classroom will provide the laboratory space where children will study the characteristics of plants and animals and what plants and animals need to grow. Children will observe the appearance and behavior of a variety of plants and animals and identify similarities and differences and collect data. Kids will collect leaves, understand the dynamics of water, sand and rocks using sensory play and create imaginative play in a dinosaur garden and a Serengeti plain.

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